Why You Need an Alternative to Brick Pressure Washing

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Brick is a beautiful construction material used on both buildings and walkways. Like with any other exterior surface, your residential or commercial space’s brick will get dirty as time goes by and will need to be cleaned off. Many people turn to brick pressure washing to have their brick surfaces cleaned, but this process is actually more harmful than helpful. To preserve your brick for as long as possible, make sure to look at softwashing as an alternative to brick pressure washing.

Why You Need an Alternative to Brick Pressure Washing

Like the name implies, brick pressure washing utilizes intense pressure to blast away algae, moss, and other contaminants on the surface of the brick. This can damage and chip away at your brick, however, causing more harm than good, especially since the dirt does not stay gone for long. Instead, be sure to check out softwashing.

Softwashing uses cleaning solutions to target streaks, stains, moss, bacteria, mildew, and more. Unlike pressure washing, softwashing is gentle on the surface of your brick but tough on the contaminants, leading to a more effective and long-lasting clean that will not damage your home, business, or walkway surfaces.

Do not shorten the lifespan of your outdoor surfaces in an attempt to wash them. Call us here at Buckeye Softwash to learn more about how softwashing is a much better alternative to pressure washing your brick and other exterior surfaces. Our team can handle all of your softwashing needs with our extensive training and knowledge of the best exterior surface cleaning practices, so reach out to us today.