Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing

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Soft Washing vs. Pressure WashingThe term “soft washing” is not commonly used or known. In fact, many people assume it is the same as pressure washing. However, these two processes are very different from each other. In this blog, we will take a moment to go over some of the differences and see what soft washing can do for you.

First, as implied by its name, soft washing is softer and gentler on your home’s exterior surfaces than pressure washing. It uses a lower pressure to wash and combines the water with cleaning solutions and other disinfectants to clean and sanitize your house, deck, roof, etc. Soft washing is better on vinyl and aluminum siding, as pressure washing can cause damage with its higher intensity. Soft washing also uses less water, which is better for the environment, and the overall benefits and less risk of damage are worth it. Soft washing preserves the visual appeal of your home while removing debris, dirt, and buildup.

Pressure washing and soft washing use very similar equipment. The biggest difference is how they use that equipment. With softwashing, the water comes out of the nozzle with low pressure, so it doesn’t get forced inside any cracks or holes in the surface being cleaned, as often happens with pressure washing. Trapped water can lead to mold or deterioration, so soft washing is a much better option for such surfaces.

While pressure washing can be useful in some situations, when it comes to your home’s exterior surfaces, soft washing is absolutely a better option. As a bonus, the cleaning solution used with soft washing is biodegradable and safe for the environment while still strong enough to remove buildup, debris, dirt, and even mold from your house. Call our team of professionals today for a consultation. We are trained to clean your home as safely and gently as possible.